About us

the powers that make this site tick
Who we are?
we want to help you to host you image easily and get image views in real time.
we don't modify your uploaded image in any way.
our image hosting is totally free and has no strings attached.
we make some tools to make image uploading easy at tool.beeimg.com.
you can get more info from our blog. read Why use BeeIMG & How it Works
Technologies used
PHP7 (Frontend) & MySQL (Backend/Database)
NodeJS (Backend)
Redis (Backend/Cache)
Swiftmail & Mailgun for mail
JQuery/JavaScript (Frontend/Client-Side)
Twitter Bootstrap 3 & Animate CSS(we love it)
Powered by Ubuntu & Debian Served via Nginx & Lighttpd
Forum Powered by Vanilla forums
DNS and CDN provided by Cloudflare. SSL by Letsencrypt
VPS servers hosted at Scaleaway (France & Amsterdam)

Note: This website has been coded from the scratch.
Updated: 2 months ago
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