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Hey Developers. It's BeeIMG API.
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API Endpoints

Submit Supports Output URL
File GETPOST textjsonjsonpXMLredirect //{Output}/
URL GETPOST textjsonjsonpXMLredirect //{Output}/

Note: In file method send your file as "image" or "file". In url method send your url as "url"

Test URLs

click on the buttons below to get a URL to test with


Public UI for API key generation for members are coming soon.

Note: Send your api key as "apikey" in a get query, a post data or a cookie

Error Codes

Error Code File Upload URL Upload Description
0 Empty File/URL
1 File Error
2 Cannot Fetch the URL
3 Cannot Connet to MYSQL sever
4 Cannot write to the Database
5 Unable to move the file to the HDD
6 Check File Size and the extension

Example data


	"files": {
		"name": "d0428072804",
		"size": "100",
		"url": "//",
		"thumbnail_url": "//",
		"view_url": "//",
		"delete_url": "//",
		"delete_type": "DELETE",
		"status": "Success",
		"code": "200"

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Example Code

Coming Soon

  curl -F file=@localfile.jpg

Coming Soon

Coming Soon