In-House advertising
  • Currently BeeIMG is testing a new in house advertising program, where the images a hosted locally and served on webpages
  • as the images are hosted locally, the ad blockers won't block them.
  • Currently the price is $1 for 100 clicks. impressions are free. pay using bitcoin.
  • we will be tracking impressions and clicks count, but you can use a url shorters like, or to track the click or use your own when the user clicks through to the site.
  • As the images will be hosted on the BeeIMG, you can track the impressions/views of the image in real-time.
  • As of now we are testing image only ads and jpg, png, gif formats that are less than 20kb are accepted. animated gifs can weigh upto 50 kb.
  • Currently only image/ad size is leaderboard 728x90 is accepted
  • To start, create a BeeIMG account, upload your ad and send a request via the contact form
  • upon verification you will be contacted to discuss further details and after the payment you ad will be live

  • first ad request will be free of charge. no need to pay. (max 5 days)

    to check our traffic visit

    (about 500 impressions per day)

    Example Ad
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